I'm Vidhu Ravinath. I'm the founder of Undrdog Media.

Now, the fact that you're here on this site and reading this page, means you want to grow your business and are not here to listen to my life story.

So let's cut to the chase.

Why should you work with Undrdog to grow your business?

Well, your business isn't where you want it to be. Thats why you're here.

You know you have so much more scope for improvement, but you're not sure how to get there...

Now to unlock serious growth for your business,

The solution isn't to throw tons of money on ads.

Hoping and praying you get results out of them.

You want to remove the guesswork.

You want a system that's proven and predictable in measuring your success.

And how do you get that? 

With a team of people who've been there, done that.

Now, we didn't always have this all figured out...

We've been in this game for a while,

We've spent over $100,000+ in ad spends for over 30+ clients in multiple different niches.

You learn a few things along this journey...

The digital landscape is always evolving.

Apple changing the game with iOS 14 and ATT,

Facebook CPM's increasing and ROAS dropping.

Marketing isn't as simple as run ads, get $$$.

So how does a business adapt to the changing times?

"Get Your Fundamentals Right"

Marketing has and always will be about psychology.

Technology will come and go, but what influences customers to buy will always be the same.

Through numerous tests, trials and errors.

We've created our No-BS, battle-tested strategy that can turn your advertising into profit 

The 5D system!

Our 5D system is designed to help businesses figure out the most important factor - who their customers are!

Through this system, we are able to develop and validate our exact customer and find the best and cheapest way to acquire them.

How do we do this? 

Facebook Ads is still one of the most powerful sources of driving traffic for any business.

But many complain its not giving results like before...

Well, thats because most people are doing Facebook Ads wrong.

Everyone is going around focusing on the new "interest targeting hack" or campaign structure that's going to pour in sales.

The playing field has changed, but people haven't adapted to the times...

Our strategies for Facebook Ads are not about manipulating the system to get us some quick wins but ultimately, losses in the long run.

When it comes to targeting, Facebook's algorithm is smart.

They can figure out who your audiences are, a lot better than you can.

So what should we do then? 

Help Facebook figure our who your audience is!

Through Targeting? No!

By focusing on creating one of the biggest levers of success on Facebook Ads.

Creatives and Messaging that get your target customers to click! 

Our unique methods of developing creatives has been tried and tested with multiple clients.

To help them grow and scale - even during this "ad-pocalypse "

Our 5D system helps you find the perfect formula of ad angles and hooks to get attention from your target customer,

And along with the power of Facebook Algorithm,

Blow up your sales! 

But it doesn't stop there...

What's the point of driving all this traffic to the website if they don't convert? 

Even though Facebook Ads is our bread and butter,

We're invested in your business growth.

We aren't here to give you data on clicks and engagement.

We're here for Purchases and ROI.

And your website plays a vital part in that process.

This is why we divide our customer acquisition strategy

Into Pre-Click and Post Click.

Where in Pre Click, we focus on the ad platform and creative.

And in Post Click, we focus on the website conversion metrics.

Only when these two are combined, can you create

The perfect customer acquisition funnel for your business.

To unlock massive growth.

Now, if you truly want to grow your business with proven systems,

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To your growth,

Vidhu Ravinath

Founder & CEO

Undrdog Media